About Us

Mike, of MJM Sportsline, has always had a passion for playing football and also following and predicting the outcome of pro football games. The humble beginning of “MJM Sportsline” started to take shape when Mike looked for a somewhat “easy way” to enhance his revenue stream during his college days. Mike has a naturally competitive spirit, a love for the sport that he refers to as “God’s gift to every sports fan” and ability to work well with numbers which has lead him to pursue his ultimate dream career and to one day be considered as “the overall best NFL handicapper”.

Mike’s dream began when he focused on ways to hone his “prognosticating” skills and then let others in on the success during those college days when he was achieving weekend successes while completing his Undergraduate degree in Accounting and subsequent Master’s degree in Finance. Thus, the unofficial beginning of a football related business formed in the mid 1980’s when “Sportsline” was not even a common concept among most of the sports minded media.

Mike’s secret to successful handicapping focuses on being proficient in one or possibly two sports to maximize client returns. The goal of being “a professional’s professional” fuels Mike’s desire to be considered a top ranked pro football prognosticator, among his peers, and provides motivation to continually review and revise methodology to ensure success in picking winners for MJM Sportsline’s clients. In addition, the future looks  bright for MJM Sportsline clients as they can anticipate being on “the winning end” of receiving information from a successful, dedicated lover of football who looks forward to utilizing and providing over 25 years of experience to ideally “Parlay Our Passion Into Your Success”.

Recent successes include an aggregate winning record of approximately 55% for the 2006 through 2008 NFL regular season as documented by: www.officefootballpool.com. 2009 regular season results were even more successful as MJM Sportsline posted a very respectable winning percentage of 59.8% when selecting a minimum of 5 weekly NFL picks and comparing these to the selections of several handicapping legends. MJM opted to track NFL regular season picks made by top prognosticators, including Marc Lawrence and Chip Chirimbes, and determined that handicapping games that are not necessarily our preferred pick(s) could still lead to overall success.

The official launch of MJM Sportsline, via the internet, took place in December, 2009 as documented by several podcasts of the 2009 season NFL playoff games. Mike and his partner were very proud of the overall playoff success and 8 – 3 record against the spread. Like the old saying goes “two heads are better than one”. Mike and his partner have an astounding regular season “winning percentage” in excess of 70%, over the past ten years, when agreeing upon the same games. Too bad they can’t agree on every single game as MJM’s client’s would like nothing more.

Another impressive statistic to consider is the 10 - 2 overall winning record that MJM boasts about, versus the line, when comparing the last six (6) Super Bowl winners and including the Over / Under total points. The only two blemishes, on MJM’s clean slate, were taking the Over in the Patriots / NY Giants SB and also picking Indianapolis (-5.5) against New Orleans in the 2010 SB. Look for MJM to offer a “near guaranteed” and winning Super Bowl pick(s) to clients for the big game being played in Dallas.

Other goals and ambitions for the 2010 NFL regular season include:

    • Joining the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma for purposes of verification and official documentation of MJM Sportsline winning football predictions.
    • Participate in the prestigious Las Vegas Hilton Super contest that attracts the top NFL handicappers.

MJM Sportsline can’t think of a better way “to make a grand” entrance on the pro circuit than to offer the occasional 10 * unit play all the while seeing the dream materialize with winning picks and satisfied clients.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of permitting MJM Sportsline the privilege and honor of “Parlaying Our Passion into Your Success”.

Look for many, many more success stories to follow as a passionate lover of football shares the secret of success (MJM Sportsline) for those wanting to win!